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I am Eva Zamora .

Originally from Los Angeles, California and local of Encinitas for the past 15 years.  

I studied Fashion Design & Merchandising at UCLA . I designed at a company for 4 years then I ventured into the restaurant business , this opened a profound love for food. Living in Mexico for 18 years gave me this opportunity to learn and combine  it with the art of baking.  And  this chapter continues to this date.

We often forget most of our childhood memories nevertheless there are moments that live forever in our hearts.

I would not have discovered my love & passion for photography if it was not for my grandfather who gave me my first camera when I was 8.  From then on I became a storyteller and realized I not only could take a picture but I could give you a feeling.  A smile, joy, happiness,  sorrow,  a sense of wonder, curiosity... maybe.

Not only did this fuel my imagination but little did I know I would also develop visual therapy for Parkinson's Disease creating a museum of life.  My life.

As a multi-passionate I adore the thought of knowing I have sailed through this life on one breath of fresh air. I love it!  Design, photography, food, photography etc....This journey has led me through an ocean of compiled tales and treasures that have made it all worthwhile.

I think there is not a perfect photo, there is a perfect moment.

It all started with a cheesecake, but that's another story.

Savor this piece of my journey.   


 Bon Appetit                                                                                                        updated 10/26/20

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